Vanessa Harden

Skinpaper is a collaboration with Tommaso Lanza that explores the cross section between a living specimen, nanotechnology and paper.

It can be used for or in a wide range of paper products. As with real paper, the ways in which to maintain and care for it depends ultimately on its use and sentimental value. Skinpaper is made of breathable microfibres that allow for temperature regulation. As with animal and human skin, Skinpaper demands a certain level of moisture. This could be introduced into the paper in form of microcapsules containing moisturizers or essential oils. When a skin sample is sent to be manufactured into paper, it is tested to reveal the adequate levels of moisture needed to produce healthy and strong paper. Moisture as well as any other additives such as smell are added to the paper during the finishing process. Depending on the product, the user may wish to keep it in a protective case. Such a case could contain UV protection or have tinting properties to shield from the sun. As well, this case could also allow for adequate air circulation to aid in maintaining a regulated temperature. Skinpaper products can be produced for longevity, or fabricated to be used and easily disposed of. This can be envisioned in numerous ways, such as pages that once ripped from the binding can begin to slowly disintegrate according to a potential expiry date.

Skinpaper was awarded an honorable mention at Next Nature Nano-Supermarket Competition 2010 and was exhibited in Dutch Design Week 2010